Reliance Jio has Launched JIO Phone 2 Only At Rs.2,999


Today, in Mumbai Jio Industry has announced about JIO PHONE 2 which was really surprising. This Jio Phone 2 is the better version of Jio phone. The selling of this phone will start from 15th august. This is the high end cersion of Jio Smart Phone.

The price of this phone is just Rs2,999/- From 15th august this phone will be available in the market. According to the announcement by the Jio indusdtry, buyer can change their smartphone with this brnad new Jio Phone 2.

Now, lets see about the features of new phone.

Jio phone 2

Jio Phone 2 Specification:

  • Keypad: This Phone has QWERTY KEYPAD and also 4OA nevigation Pad
  • Display : It has 2.4 inch display. Display of the Phone 2 is totally different from the old one.
  • Operation System Connectivity: It has 4G VoLTE, Bluethoot facilities, FM, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Battery : 2,000 mAh

Jio Phone Vs Jio Phone 2:

We all know that, Firefox KaiOs using Jio Phone(Old One) doesnot support different kind of app like WhatsApp, Youtube and Others. But this new one will support all the apps like WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook which is really great thing. All this app will be customized specially to support this Jio Phone 2.


People can exchange their smartphones, not only Jio phone but also phones like, Redmi, Sumsang, Nokia, LG, Honor, Moto and many more. With this new exchange offer, people have to pay only Rs.501 to buy this Jio Phone 2.

JioPhone 2 vs Jio Phone: Conclusion:

Quite clearly, the new JioPhone 2 does not offer many upgrades when compared to the JioPhone, with the exception of a revamped design. Even the new software features like support for apps like WhatsApp and YouTube will be available on the JioPhone starting next month. If you already have the JioPhone, we don’t see too many reasons why you would want to switch to the JioPhone 2, except for the more trendy design.


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